No Farewell Words Were Spoken
No Time To Say Goodbye
You Were Gone Before I Knew It
And Only God Knows Why

Rest In Peace Matt

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September 26, 2013
For My Boy, With All My Heart

Happy Birthday to my special little boy,
Who came into my life and brought so much joy.
Born with a bright smile that I couldn't resist,
And a lovable face that was often kissed.

Early mornings you came to peel open my eye,
Yelling out, "The sun is up! It's good morning time!"
Over the years, I've watched you learn and grow,
Impressing me more than you could ever know.

Thoughtful and generous, playful, happy, adventurous,
All the way through your teens, this is what you showed to us.
Trying to make sense of a world full of sin,
You hung onto God, refusing to give in.

You kept a part of yourself hidden way deep inside,
With you and the world there was a great divide.
You left us too soon, you were still just a child,
The enemies lies, you could have reviled.

God had great plans and immense purpose for your life,
Who knows? A physical therapist, scientist, kids, and a wife.
Handsome and intelligent, mischievous and fun,
The moments that were to be are left undone.

The Lord did not abandon you, He was right by your side,
Weeping along with you, His grace was applied.
Your sins are forgiven through the death of God's Son,
This you believed, your soul He will not shun.

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